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Town & Gown Players has endured for over 60 years because of the dedicated volunteers who bring live theatre to our stage, the audiences who attend and support our plays, and the generous donors who make individual and corporate gifts.  Please consider becoming a supporter of Town and Gown Players. We will invest your contribution in our productions and in the maintenance and improvement of the theater.

Our Friends of Town and Gown Players program is outlined below and is an easy way to make a tax deductible gift while enjoying a season ticket subscription. General donations can be made by clicking the "Donate" button or through our mailing address: PO Box 565, Athens, GA, 30601. Town & Gown is a 501(c)3 organization.

Friends of Town & Gown

Thank you for being a Friend! Consider making a tax-deductible gift as part of our Friends program. Friends are listed in our Mainstage programs and receive invitations to special theatre events. Participate at any of the levels below:

    • Bronze: $25 - $99
    • Silver: $100 - $249
    • Gold: $250 - $399
    • Includes 2 Season Flex Passes
    • Platinum: $400 - $549
    • Includes 3 Season Flex Passes
    • Ruby: $550 - $799
    • Includes 4 Season Flex Passes
    • Diamond: $800.00+
    • Includes 5 Season Flex Passes

Donate to Town and Gown


Dr. Bahman and Mrs. Jewel Burns Ghavimi
Carl Hoveland


Bryn Adamson
Bob and Nancy Hart
Margaret Holt and Stell Kafalas
David and Evelyn Knauft
Richard Worley and Dr. Judy Black


Ronnie Scott


Carolyn and Randall Abney
Dave and Harriet Anderson
Dr. Janine Elyse Aronson
Kris Bakowski
Danny Bass
Ann Blum
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Boyd
Michael and Connie Boyle
Tom and Juanita Broom
Dorine Burkhard
Julie Cashin and Don Schneider
Don Smith and Alan Cason
Bill and Susan Cheeseborough
Mike and Liz Conroy
Connie Cottingham
Melody and Robert Croft
Dr. and Mrs. John Curtis
Ruth W. Curtis
Del and Ann Dunn
Rob and Cindy Farley
Frank Gilmurray
John and Katie Goette
Dallas Gonzales
William and Gail Harvard
William Harvey and Mauricio Duran
Judy and Leon Hubrich
Charles Jameson
Carol Jones
Bruce and Jane King
Rebecca and Lou Kudon
Jeanne H. Lindberg
William Loughner
Thomas and Bette McNeely
Suzanne and Chuck Murphy
James and Frances Okey
Sergei and Eden Masour
Barbara and Doug Peterson
Jesse Reed
Rick Rose and Florence King
Allen Rowell and Janet Robertson
Wade and Joan Sheldon
Barbara and Gil Spivack
Caroline D. Strobel
Malcolm and Priscilla Sumner
Susan Trinrud
Nancy and Randall Vick
Fred and Linda Wallace
April and Martin Webb
Mark and Marlo Wiggans


Thomas and Mary Ann Brahana
Carolyn Clancey
Nancy Clark
Evan Fliegel
Jose and Patricia Gomez
Keith and Stephanie Johnson
Ann R. McClain
John and Irene Muthe
Joan Pinson
Linda Russell
Amanda Williams


Patricia Bell-Scott
Richard Fyock
Ange Kahn
Jim and Andrea Murdock
William Murray
Jim Norton
Elizabeth Pape
Mary Quinn
Janice Simon
Donna Smith
Loretta White
Chase White


Light and Sound: the 60th Birthday Booth Project

We've installed comfortable new seating, hung a gorgeous new main curtain, and now there's one thing left to make your Town & Gown experience the best it can be: an updated lighting and sound system. On the wish list are new lighting instruments, digital sound equipment, amplification, and a renovated control booth. These additions will greatly enhance our ability to produce better lighting effects, smoother integration of light and sound, include multi-media effects, and ensure that you hear every note sung and word uttered LOUD AND CLEAR!

Contributors will be recognized in the show programs and on our website for the duration of the campaign at the following levels:

  • Candle - $50.00 - $149.00
  • Cake - $150.00 - $299.00
  • Icing on the Cake - $300.00 - $449.00
  • Takes the Cake - $450.00+

Corporate sponsorship opportunities are also available. For more information, or if you have any questions about giving to Town & Gown, please contact our Developement Chair at Thank you for your support!


The Booth Project


Ira E. Aaron
Clyde and Walt Austin
ParkerTucker Austin
Martha Bache
Kris Bakowski
James and Sallyanne Barrow
Patricia Bell
LaBau Bryan
Charles and Marguerite Burch
Ronald and Diane Cerwonka
Mike and Liz Conroy
Edwin Dale
Amy Dowdy
Del and Ann Dunn
Steve and Mimi Elliott-Gower
Clarissa Finco
Lisa Fusillo
Florence Gross-Applefield
Gail Hutchins
Carol Jones
Bruce and Jane King
Florence King
Chip McDaniel
Cathe McKim
Helen H. Plymale
Elinor M. Rees
Janet Robertson
Rick Rose
Allen Rowell
Dorothy Smith
Richard Smith
Teresa Stroud (In memory of Elyssa Hadley)
Tommy Thompson 


Michael Burke
Days Inn Athens
Del and Ann Dunn
Cecilia Hadley
Marty Johnson
Eleanor Miller
Omar and Kim Najjar
Don Nordlund
John Olive and Debra Brenner
Caroline Strobel

Icing on the Cake

Terrell Austin and Scott Jones
Margaret Holt
David and Michelle Woodard

Takes the Cake

Louise and Rebecca Boyd
Dorine L. Burkhard
Julie Johnson
William Loughner
Kent and Rebecca Silver