• Show Dates:
  • December 7 - December 16, 2018

  • Admission:
    $20 for Adults
    $15 for Members, Seniors, and Students
    $12 for Members, Seniors, and Students on Thursday
  • Address: 115 Grady Avenue, Athens, GA 30601 (directions)
  • Writer: Lynn Nottage
  • Director: Beth Kozinski

A town doesn’t just die overnight. Friends who’ve spent their lives sharing laughs and secrets while working together on the factory floor now find their community eroded by layoffs and picket lines. How did they get here, and what will it cost each of them to get out?


Brucie - Travis Williams
Stan - Skip Hulett
Oscar - Joan Daniel Cordova
Tracey - Mir Kamin
Jessie - Megan Powell
Chris - Divine Ogbuefi
Cynthia - Tracy Brown
Jason - Michael Tolbert
Evan - Sean Polite