Town & Gown Players has endured for over 60 years because of the dedicated volunteers who bring live theatre to our stage, the audiences who attend and support our plays, and the generous donors who make individual and corporate gifts.  Please consider becoming a supporter of Town and Gown Players. We will invest your contribution in our productions and in the maintenance and improvement of the theater.

Our Friends of Town and Gown Players program is outlined below and is an easy way to make a tax deductible gift while enjoying a season ticket subscription. General donations can be made by clicking the "Donate" button or through our mailing address: PO Box 565, Athens, GA, 30601. Town & Gown is a 501(c)3 organization.

Friends of Town & Gown

Thank you for being a Friend! Consider making a tax-deductible gift as part of our Friends program. Friends are listed in our Mainstage programs and receive invitations to special theatre events. Participate at any of the levels below:

    • Bronze: $25 - $99
    • Silver: $100 - $249
    • Gold: $250 - $399
    • Includes 2 Season Flex Passes
    • Platinum: $400 - $549
    • Includes 3 Season Flex Passes
    • Ruby: $550 - $799
    • Includes 4 Season Flex Passes
    • Diamond: $800.00+
    • Includes 5 Season Flex Passes

Donate to Town and Gown


Carl S. Hoveland
Margaret Holt & Stell Kefalas
Evelyn & David Knauft


Rick Whorley & Dr. Judy Black
Bob & Nancy Hart


Malcolm & Priscilla Sumner


Carolyn & Randall Abney
Dr. Janine Aronson
Kris Bakowski
Ann Blum
Louis J. Boyd
Michael & Connie Boyle
Thomas Brahana
Tom & Juanita Broom
Carlton Corbett Chandler
Claire & Bob Clements
Mike & Liz Conroy
Ruth & Lee Curtis
Del & Ann Dunn
Doris & Gerald Firth
Frank & Susan Gilmurray
John & Katie Goette
Beatrice & Jose Luis Gomez
Dallas Gonzales
Kent & Elaine Gustafson in honor of Bob Hart’s art donation
James & Elaine Hanna
William & Gail Harvard
Mauricio Duran & William Harvey
John Heinze
Hue & Carole Henry
Lee & Judy Hubrich
Jesse Reed & Tony Hughey
Bruce & Dortha Jacobson
Charles Jameson
Bruce & Jane King
Rick Rose & Florence King
Suzanne & Allen D. King, Jr.
William Loughner
Suzanne & Chuck Murphy
Kathy & Al Parker
Lou & Annette Richt
Diane & Joe Riley
Janet Robertson & Allen Rowell
Julie Cashin & Don Schneider
Joan & Wade Sheldon
Cord Sibilisky
Carolyn D. Strobel
Jane Taub
Nancy & Randall Vick


Richard & Phyllis Brooks
Leta Bodine
Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor
Carolyn Clancey
Nancy Clark
Betsy & Blair Dorminey
George & Dolores Gazda
Wendy Moore & Eric Griffith
Keith & Stephanie Johnson
Elizabeth Pape
Barbara W. Peterson
Jennifer & Larry Saye
Ron & Janice Sladky
Gil & Barbara Spivack
Fran Teague
Lisa Townsley
Fred & Linda Wallace
Martin & April Webb
Gene Weeks
Loretta White


Evan J. Fliegel
Jennifer Frey
Patricia McAlexander