Upcoming Shows & Events

Board Meeting Next Showing: Sunday, September 8th @ 11:00am

Monthly meeting of the Board of Directors for the Town & Gown Players. As with every regular meeting, members in good standing are welcome to attend. The meeting location is often subject to availability - Please contact president@townandgownplayers.org for more information.

The 39 Steps Next Showing: Friday, October 4th @ 8:00pm

Add together equal parts juicy spy novel and Hitchcock masterpiece, then top with a dash of Monty Python. Voilà: 150 zany characters (created by an ever-shifting small cast) engaging in murder, mystery, and mayhem (plus some good old-fashioned romance). Laugh all the way through suspense, drama, and even a few missing fingers.

Jekyll & Hyde Next Showing: Friday, December 6th @ 8:00pm

Dr. Henry Jekyll dedicated his life to solving some of mankind’s most challenging medical dilemmas; how could he have known he’d be opening the door to an epic (and very personal) battle between good and evil? (Based on the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson, but in gothic musical format.)

You Can’t Take It With You Next Showing: Friday, February 7th @ 8:00pm

Alice Sycamore loves her family-as peculiar as they all are–but begs them to act normal when her new fiancé, Tony, brings his staid, upper-class parents to dinner... on the wrong night. The ensuing comedy of errors endangers the young lovers' relationship (and the Sycamores' house), but in the end, perhaps normal is overrated.

Eurydice Next Showing: Friday, April 17th @ 8:00pm

The traditional myth of interrupted young love is turned on its head: What if Eurydice didn't want to come back to life? Perhaps the cost of living again exceeds the cost of staying dead. This contemporary meditation on love and grief is set in a lyrical and dark world of water, wit, and what-ifs.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder Next Showing: Friday, June 19th @ 8:00pm

Edwardian style and classic farce ensue when middle-class Englishman Monty Narvarro learns he is the 'son of the daughter of the grandson of the nephew of the second Earl of Highhurst.' He relentlessly pursues his rightful earldom, accompanied by hilarity, stunning operatics, and an array of unforgettable characters.